AS200552 Network Operations

Our Network Prefixes

Our network supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Our IPv4 Prefixes are -

Our IPv6 Prefixes are - 2a05:6e40::/29

Network Information

We are members of PeeringDB where we update our records to ensure a transparent and easy way to access record of our peering and network details. You can access our record on PeeringDB HERE.

Abuse Reporting

All abuse reports must to be sent via e-mail to

Please provide the following when contacting us with a query where possible -
a. Date and Time of abuse including time zone.
b. Offending IP Address (Source)
c. Affected IP Address (Yours)
d. Logs showing the abuse such as login attempts for example.

Network Services

All network tenants are provided with the following -
DNS Servers (Name Resolution)
NTP Servers (
Windows Update Services

All services are provided via IPv6 and IPv4. Please contact the support team for this information.

Our NTP Servers are part of the UK pool provided by the NTP Pool Project.

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